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Pumpkin carving


Pumpkin carving

What to do with this activity?

Your child might like to be creative and carve a pumpkin head for Halloween.

Shop with your child for a good pumpkin, and come up with a good design for a face together. 

You will need to supervise, and perhaps help with, the use of a sharp knife. Scooping out the flesh of a pumpkin is hard work.

See the yellow activity link below for step by step directions of how to carve out your pumpkin.

Get inspired with these fantastic ideas from diy network.

  • Why am I doing this?

    Playing is one of the most effective ways children learn. It builds your child’s concentration and thinking skills as well as building their skills in using numbers, seeing patterns and being able to group things together. Playing games with others helps their social skills and gives them a chance to practice things they have heard and seen.

  • How can I do more?

    Playing games that involve words are great for increasing your child’s vocabulary. Games that involve dices and numbers help with maths and logical reasoning.

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