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Advent calendar


Advent calendar

What to do with this activity?

Make an Advent calendar with your child. You can use the calendar to show how many days are left until Christmas. Advent calendars usually cover the time period from 1st December to Christmas Day - a 25 day countdown. Making an Advent calendar gives your child a chance to practise writing numbers, and to understand how calendars work. 

Here's a funny Advent calendar to make from Activity Village. You can print out the Santa calendar template from the website. If you don't have a printer, it's not too hard to just copy it. Santa needs you to stick on his cotton wool beard day by day, so that on Christmas Day he will have a full snowy white beard.


  • Why am I doing this?

    Children learn numbers and maths in a natural way through play and everyday activities. It’s different to school and should always be fun and practical – that way your child will enjoy working with numbers.

    Your child also develops a sense of patterns and what time means in everyday life. This is important for helping your child to manage everyday activities – going places, how long they have to wait and understanding when things will happen in the future.

  • How can I do more?

    Talking about numbers helps your child’s fluency in counting, estimating and understanding numbers and money in everyday life. It takes time for children to understand addition and subtraction so use objects when helping them understand this or when doing their homework.

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