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What to do with this activity?

Most children love snow, but have they ever looked closely at a snowflake? Snowflakes are crystallized water droplets and they are beautiful. You can really only see how beautiful they are under a microscope, or in photographs. If it snows, catch a snowflake on a dark coat and look at it with a magnifying glass - you might begin to see the shape. 

Most snowflakes are six sided and are symmetrical. That means that one side is the mirror image of another. Look at these photographs of snowflakes that were taken by Wilson Bentley way back in 1902. Have a look at this video of ice crystals forming on this frozen bubble - it's in slow motion so you can see how they are six-sided.

Find out from First Palette how to cut out some beautiful snowflake shapes from white paper. You can use them as Christmas decorations. 

  • Why am I doing this?

    Children learn numbers and maths in a natural way through play and everyday activities. It’s different to school and should always be fun and practical – that way your child will enjoy working with numbers.

    Your child also develops a sense of patterns and what time means in everyday life. This is important for helping your child to manage everyday activities – going places, how long they have to wait and understanding when things will happen in the future.

  • How can I do more?

    Talking about numbers helps your child’s fluency in counting, estimating and understanding numbers and money in everyday life. It takes time for children to understand addition and subtraction so use objects when helping them understand this or when doing their homework.

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