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Traditional Halloween games


Traditional Halloween games

What to do with this activity?

Halloween can be scary so talk to your child and reassure them about what is real and what is not real. Enjoy some traditional Halloween games. 

Apple bobbing

Try apple bobbing - it's an old game and apples are in season at Halloween. Fill a large basin with clean luke-warm water. Put some apples in the water - they will float to the surface. With their arms behind their backs, each child ducks their head into the water and tries to catch an apple with their teeth. Difficult! Have some towels handy. Of course, never leave young children unattended near water.   

Ghost in the graveyard

This is a variation on catch or tag. One player, chosen as the ghost, goes off to hide. The other players, with their backs to the ghost, stay together at a place chosen as "base" or "safety". These players count loudly in unison, "one o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock," and so on, all the way up to "midnight".  At the word "midnight" the players head off in search of the hiding ghost. When a seeker spots the ghost, he yells, "Ghost in the graveyard!" and, along with everyone else, runs back towards "base". The ghost lets out a ghostly scream and chases after the seekers, trying to catch as many as he can before they reach base. Whoever is caught first becomes the next ghost. 



  • Why am I doing this?

    One of the ways children learn is through play. A child who is playing is refining learning skills that continue to develop during childhood and beyond. Indoor and outdoor games are a great way of practising some of the reading, writing and number skills your child has learned.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to teach you a game – letting them teach you something is empowering for your child.

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