Glossary of Terms

We want this website to be clear and easy to understand. If you are new to computers and smart phones hopefully the explanations below will help a little...


App is short for application and apps for mobile phones are small programmes you can “download” or put onto your phone. Different apps do different things. For example, some apps are short videos, others let you draw on the screen and others give you regular news updates. Some apps might be already on your phone when you buy it. Others you can download from the play store or from itunes on your phone. Ask a friend or someone in a phone shop if you cannot find this on your phone. Some apps are free, others cost money. Once the app is downloaded on your phone you can open it and most can be removed later.


An ebook is an electronic book. You can read it, or it can be read to you, on the computer.

Online App

An online app is an application that you can use when you are on the Internet. An example is the scrabble game under Play in the 10-12 years age group on this website.

Smart phone

A smart phone is a phone that has a connection to the internet. Smart phones are like mini computers. Different smart phones use different operating systems (the software used to operate the phone). An Apple iPhone uses an Apple operating system, other phones use Google Android,  Nokia's Symbian or BlackBerry operating systems. If you are using a smart phone with your child make sure that you take care of your phone.


Tablets are small laptops that do not have a separate keyboard. There are many different types made by different companies.