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Driving my tractor

What to do with this activity?

"Driving my tractor" is an animated video song about a farmer who's having a very busy day with his tractor and lots of farm animals. It's based on a book published by Barefoot Books. Click on the video above to watch it. Your child can enjoy the pictures and the music, but will also be learning lots of new words, and hearing numbers and colours.

If your child shows an interest, there's no harm in playing it over and over. Let them sit on your lap and point out the different animals and other things you see in the pictures. Talk to your child about what makes each animal different - their colours, long ears, how many legs and so on.  Also notice the colour of the tractor and trailer, and how many of each animal there are - so many that they all fall out when the trailer goes over a bump in the road - oops! Use the phrase "It's a very busy day" when you are out and about with your child. 

Always talk to your child about things that are going on around you and what you are doing together - that's a great way for them to learn about their world. 





  • Why am I doing this?

    Sharing stories play an important role in a child’s development. They not only help children learn language and reading skills but they also have an emotional quality which can help children make sense of their feelings. Reading to babies and young children, and giving them time to respond, will help make the most of this opportunity. Recognising shapes will help your child to learn to read later on.

  • How can I do more?

    The most important thing is that reading is fun and enjoyable for both of you – five minutes can be enough. Just turn off the TV and find a quiet place so there are no distractions. And remember stories are not just found in books, it’s just as good to tell your child short, simple stories you know.

    Remember, you’re not teaching your child to read. You learn to talk a long time before you learn to read, and sharing stories and giving your child time to respond is a wonderful way to help your child’s language development.

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