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Musical statues


Musical statues

What to do with this activity?

Your toddler will absolutely love this game. Babies will love to watch you do this too.

Put on some music and dance around together as wildly as you can. Make exaggerated moves. Switch off the music suddenly, and freeze in whatever position you happen to be in - the funnier the better. Hold still like a statue until the music starts again.

For a party game, if someone moves they are out. The statue that manages to stay still the longest wins. 


  • Why am I doing this?

    Play is one of the main ways that babies and toddlers learn about the world – it’s also one of the most effective ways they learn. When a child plays they refine learning skills that continue to develop during childhood and beyond.

  • How can I do more?

    As a parent, you are your child’s best playmate so try to spend time every day playing together. As your baby gets older, don’t try to teach them anything during play. They will learn best if they choose what to play and you follow their lead.

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