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One potato two potatoes

Nursery rhyme

One potato two potatoes

What to do with this activity?

Getting to know nursery rhymes with numbers is an enjoyable way for your child to begin to understand counting. They won't know their numbers at this stage, but the look and sound of numbers gradually become familiar - a great first step.

Here's a simple video version of "One Potato Two Potatoes" to sing along with. You can sing this song with actions - here's how.

Hold your hands out in front of you and make two fists.  Put one fist on top of the other for "one potato".  For "two potatoes",  keep the top fist in the same position and bring the bottom fist up and plonk it on top. Keep doing this so that your fists are climbing higher all the time.  When you get to "more" say the word more loudly and open your hands dramatically.  Here are the words of the song.

One potato two potatoes
Three potatoes, four!
Five potatoes, six potatoes
Seven potatoes, more!

And don't forget to show your little one real potatoes at home or in the shop, and have fun counting them together. 


  • Why am I doing this?

    Children learn about numbers in a natural way through play and by counting real things in their everyday lives. The repetition of numbers in a fun way helps children remember the sequence of 1, 2, 3. Movement and rhymes also make it easier for a child to remember sounds – that’s why nursery rhymes are so great.

  • How can I do more?

    When out shopping, count food items with your child as you put them into your trolley. If you’re saying a nursery rhyme why not shake a plastic bottle filled with rice or small stones to the rhythm to make more noise.

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