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Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt

What to do with this activity?

In 5th and 6th class your child will learn about some ancient societies - like the Romans, the Vikings and the Egyptians. It is good to learn about how people lived then because it tells us a lot about what makes us human.  We understand more about ourselves in this modern age, and how each society has contributed to what we know and how we do things now. 

Ancient Egypt is one of the most fascinating of all ancient civilisations - think of the great pyramids, Egyptian mummies, and their amazing alphabet made up of hundreds of pictures and signs known as hieroglyphs.You might have heard of great Egyptian people like Queen Cleopatra, or King Tutankhamen.

If your child is interested, encourage them to read more about Ancient Egypt. You will find useful books at your local library (which is free), or interesting facts on the internet. Here are three fact-filled internet links:

1) National Geographic has ten facts about Ancient Egypt.

2) Look at Ducksters' Ancient Egypt for kids.

3) History for Kids has a section on Understanding Ancient Egypt.

  • Why am I doing this?

    It’s important to encourage whatever reading your child is doing at this age. Children have their own interests and hobbies so they will be more inclined to read information about these subjects. Having comics, papers or magazines around the house will make it easier for your child to get into reading. Your child might find it appealing to read online and you might like that the book can be read by an automated voice. E books can be looked at when you are on the move, making sure that your child is careful with your computer or phone.

  • How can I do more?

    Your child might like to read a section of the newspaper or a magazine – the sports, fashion or cooking sections - depending on their interests. They might like to read a short piece from a newspaper and underline facts with a pen and opinion with a pencil. You can then talk about the difference between fact and opinion (there are good examples in sports writing). Encourage your child to read instructions for mending bikes, building models and playing new games.

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