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Computer coding


Computer coding

What to do with this activity?

These days, almost everything we do is guided by computer code - from mobile phones, to traffic lights, websites, computer games, washing machines, or even sending a satellite into space. In every case the computer has been told what to do by a human being using computer code. 

To write a computer code, a human being must think like a computer, breaking an action into step-by-step small tasks. There are lots of different computer languages to choose from when writing a computer code. They all have different rules, and have interesting names like Java, Ruby, Scratch and Python. 

Find out more about computer coding, watch a video and follow interesting links on the DK FindOut website here. If your child would like to learn computer coding, CoderDojo is an international organisation that runs free coding clubs for children. You might find one online or local to you. 

  • Why am I doing this?

    Maths makes sense to children when they use it in everyday life - like measuring things, working out distances, estimating food for dinner or money for groceries. The more opportunities you give your child to use the maths they learn at school through everyday activities the more they will understand and enjoy working with numbers.

  • How can I do more?

    Discuss maths that you see around you. For example, talk about sales in shops – half price, 25% off, what is good value? Or how much will the item cost after the discount?

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