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What to do with this activity?

Encourage your child to have a questioning attitude to the world around them. Talk to them about their experiences. Here are some pointers:

1. Help your child know that not everything they see or read on the internet, or on television, is true or right. Show them where to look for a more balanced view.

2. Help them understand how advertising works. Ads can be helpful, but often advertisers exaggerate and glamorize so that they can sell their items. 

3. Help your child develop and talk about their own thoughts on everyday situations, so that they don’t necessarily act with the crowd.

4. Give them confidence in their own thinking so that they can make good decisions.

5. Help them know that not everyone agrees about things, but that respect for other points of view is important.

6. Help your child to understand their own emotions. Strong emotions can make us act foolishly on impulse. Tell them that it's often better to "count to ten", because strong emotions don't always last. 


  • Why am I doing this?

    Children gain confidence in speaking through demonstrating their knowledge to others. Chatting and listening to your child will help build their communication skills. Talking about words and their meaning in everyday life will also help build your child’s vocabulary – and your own!

  • How can I do more?

    Funny stories are interesting and a good excuse to get your child talking. At mealtimes, each family member could tell something interesting or something funny that happened during the day. Watching TV together can also provide a good opportunity for chat and to discuss what you are watching. Check if your child understands different things they hear and encourage your child to teach you new words and things they have learnt.

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