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Hot or cold


Hot or cold

What to do with this activity?

"Hot or cold" is a simple hiding game and a play with words.

Get your three or four year old to close their eyes tightly, and face away from you (so that they can't peak). Hide a soft toy somewhere in the room, or a small waterproof item outdoors. Then let your child run around to find it.

If they move nearer to the hidden item say "hotter ...hotter ...hotter", getting louder as they get nearer to the hidden item. If they move away from it they are getting "colder....colder...colder", until your voice is only a whisper. They will soon find the hidden treasure! 

Take it in turns to hide something and to hunt for it. 

Try playing it in Irish - use "fuar" for cold, and "te" for hot.

  • Why am I doing this?

    Children gain confidence in speaking through demonstrating their knowledge to others. Chatting and listening to your child will help build their communication skills. Talking about words and their meaning in everyday life will also help build your child’s vocabulary – and your own!

  • How can I do more?

    Just keep talking and listening. Normal routines provide lots of opportunities for conversation and for all the family to learn new things. If you are walking down a street, point out things you see and talk about them. Explain new words, show the colours or point out shapes. Ask your child what animals or buildings they like. There’s no end to what you can talk about together.

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