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Capital letters

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Capital letters

What to do with this activity?

Learning to recognise and to use capital letters is something that comes with time and practice over very many years. At this age your child is at the very beginning of that learning journey. When you are reading with them, perhaps at bedtime, notice together how:

1) All the names of characters in the story start with a capital letter.

2) All the sentences start with a capital letter.

3) The names of places, like countries and towns, start with a capital letter.

4) The names of the days of the week and of the months of the year each start with a capital letter. 

5) People's names start with a capital letter. What's the capital letter at the beginning of your child's name?

When you help them with homework, encourage them to apply these rules. If your seven year old child is ready, let them have some fun with this online game, called Magical Capitals




  • Why am I doing this?

    Learning to write should be fun. It’s important that children know that writing is a fun and useful. By fitting it into everyday activities, like drawing, writing notes and birthday cards children will get used to holding a pencil and learning to write properly.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to write and draw  - on outdoor walls with chalk or in the sand at the beach. Give them picture mazes or puzzles to fill out – join the dot puzzles are great for their hand eye coordination.

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