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Cardboard boxes


Cardboard boxes

What to do with this activity?

With a bit of imagination, there are a whole lot of things your child can make out cardboard boxes.  You can ask your local supermarket to save bigger cardboard boxes for you, and keep the boxes your shoes come in.  

For inspiration, have a look at the amazing ideas on the links here (Pinterest) and here (The Imagination Tree). Cardboard is hard to cut, so make sure that you do that bit yourself. 

And here are step-by-step instructions from Rainy Day Mum showing you how to turn a shoebox into a weaving loom. You can involve your child in the measuring, calculating and marking needed to make the loom.





  • Why am I doing this?

    One of the ways children learn is through play. A child who is playing is refining learning skills that continue to develop during childhood and beyond. Indoor and outdoor games are a great way of practising some of the reading, writing and number skills your child has learned.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to teach you a game – letting them teach you something is empowering for your child.

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