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Crayon etching

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Crayon etching

What to do with this activity?

Etching involves scratching a surface to make an image. It can be a complicated process, but show your child how to make a dramatic picture using a simpler method.

You need brightly coloured and black crayons, masking tape, paper, something to scratch the surface with, and a soft brush. 

First cover every bit of the paper with brightly coloured crayon marks. Secondly, cover the whole page with a layer of black or very dark crayon. Then scratch out a drawing so that the colour shows through the black.

Watch a video here where artist Megan Scott shows you how. She is inspired by images from the wonderful Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.

  • Why am I doing this?

    One of the ways children learn is through play. A child who is playing is refining learning skills that continue to develop during childhood and beyond. Indoor and outdoor games are a great way of practising some of the reading, writing and number skills your child has learned.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to teach you a game – letting them teach you something is empowering for your child.

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