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Ice experiment


Ice experiment

What to do with this activity?

Here's a science experiment your child might enjoy. Let them pretend to be a scientist and help your child understand the scientific method. Science always starts with a question and then tries to answer the question by doing an experiment. Scientists usually write down what they discover. 

The question here is:
Does salty water (like the sea) freeze at a different temperature than fresh water?

If you have a freezer section in your fridge, try putting a container of tap water and a cup of salty water in at the same time. Open the freezer and check them every now and then. Time how long it takes each to freeze. Notice how the salty water takes a lot longer. 

Encourage your child to write down what time they put the water into the freezer, how long the fresh water took to freeze, and what they noticed about the salt water. 

Also, have a bit of fun with this experiment from The Science Kiddo and see how salt helps you "fish" for ice. 


  • Why am I doing this?

    Learning to write should be fun. It’s important that children know that writing is a fun and useful. By fitting it into everyday activities, like drawing, writing notes and birthday cards children will get used to holding a pencil and learning to write properly.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to write and draw  - on outdoor walls with chalk or in the sand at the beach. Give them picture mazes or puzzles to fill out – join the dot puzzles are great for their hand eye coordination.

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