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Learning to spell

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Learning to spell

What to do with this activity?

Your child is beginning to learn how to write and spell words in school. Not all children learn to spell in the same way. Your child might like to:

  1. Break words down into smaller sections. For example, a longish word like "fantastic" can break into fan-tas-tic. Your child can feel a sense of achievement when they work out the whole word.
  2. Write the letters and words down and remember them better that way.
  3. Listen to the sounds and say the letters out loud.
  4. Look at words and letters - these are visual learners. Let your child picture the word in their head before calling out the letters or writing them down. 

Look here for 20 fun ways of learning to spell from Teach Mama. You'll know which activities your child might enjoy.  

Organise your own Spelling Bee from Kidspot using words that they might know. Read out a simple word, sound it out if necessary, and let your child to have a go at writing it down. Give lots of praise for effort and remember it should be fun. 

If your child is ready, they might like to play this online spelling game with Clifford the Dog from PBS. Choose the "Easy" level. 





  • Why am I doing this?

    Learning to write should be fun. It’s important that children know that writing is a fun and useful. By fitting it into everyday activities, like drawing, writing notes and birthday cards children will get used to holding a pencil and learning to write properly.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to write and draw  - on outdoor walls with chalk or in the sand at the beach. Give them picture mazes or puzzles to fill out – join the dot puzzles are great for their hand eye coordination.

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