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Make a list

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Make a list

What to do with this activity?

Lists are a really good way to get your child writing. There are all sorts of lists that they can make, and a list doesn't take long to write.  Lists can be short sentences or just a few words. Here are a few ideas for lists:

1. Plans for the holidays or New Year resolutions.

2. "Top ten" favourites - favourite movies, books, food, friends, songs, bands or pop stars.

3. Things they saw on an outing, for instance animals at the zoo, wild flowers or types of cars.

4. Alphabetical - can they find a fruit or vegetable, girl's or boy's name, or country for every letter of the alphabet?

5. Shopping  - call out what you need and help them write it down. It will give them great satisfaction to read it back to you in the supermarket.

6. If you are having a party  - guests, party food, things to buy like hats and balloons, and those to thank.

7. At Christmas, a list of presents you need to make or buy.

Show your child lists in everday life - menus, prices for shopping, instructions and things to do.  

  • Why am I doing this?

    Learning to write should be fun. It’s important that children know that writing is a fun and useful. By fitting it into everyday activities, like drawing, writing notes and birthday cards children will get used to holding a pencil and learning to write properly.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to write and draw  - on outdoor walls with chalk or in the sand at the beach. Give them picture mazes or puzzles to fill out – join the dot puzzles are great for their hand eye coordination.

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