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Find north


Find north

What to do with this activity?

Does your child know that the earth is a planet that spins around the sun? We use the sun to tell us which direction places are - north, south, west or east.  
Here's how to find the direction of north where you are:

1. Draw a circle on a piece of paper, and mark out North (N), South (S), West (W) and East (E) like in the picture above.

2. Notice where the sun rises and sets where you live, and get to know that the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west.

3. Turn the picture around to match the way your home faces - east where the sun comes up and west where the sun goes down.

4. Now you will be able to work out with your child which direction is north. 

Have a look at a map of Ireland and see which counties are in the north, south, east or west of the country.  

At Christmas, have fun thinking about which direction Santa is coming from - the North Pole?  




  • Why am I doing this?

    Writing is like a muscle – the more your child practises it the stronger their writing ability will become. Your child is also more likely to write about things they like or are interested in – writing is a way to express yourself and using writing in this way can be more meaningful to a child. Word searches and crosswords can help with pattern recognition and spelling, and help build vocabulary and spelling.

  • How can I do more?

    Give your child lots of opportunities to write - notes, birthday cards, emails or text messages. Encourage your child to make and write their own books about something they are interested in, for example, cars, dinosaurs, fairies or dogs. They can draw or stick in their own pictures.

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