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Make a comic strip

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Make a comic strip

What to do with this activity?

Comic strips are a clever way of telling stories that combine pictures and a small number of sentences. They can also be a good way of boosting the confidence of a reluctant reader or writer. 

Have a look together at comic strips in children's magazines or comic books.  See how the whole story is revealed in a very few pictures and sentences, and can be read in a few minutes.  

If your child is artistic, encourage them to make up stories and get writing and drawing. They might prefer to do the pictures first and add the spoken word parts after. See the PDF link at the right hand side of the picture above. You can have a look and either print it out, or make up a similar one with your child.

You could also try doing it online with Comic Creator. If you have a printer, you might like to print the result so that they can show it to their friends.  

  • Why am I doing this?

    Writing is like a muscle – the more your child practises it the stronger their writing ability will become. Your child is also more likely to write about things they like or are interested in – writing is a way to express yourself and using writing in this way can be more meaningful to a child. Word searches and crosswords can help with pattern recognition and spelling, and help build vocabulary and spelling.

  • How can I do more?

    Give your child lots of opportunities to write - notes, birthday cards, emails or text messages. Encourage your child to make and write their own books about something they are interested in, for example, cars, dinosaurs, fairies or dogs. They can draw or stick in their own pictures.

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