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Papier maché bowl


Papier maché bowl

What to do with this activity?

Encourage your child to make a papier maché bowl - it's not difficult. "Papier maché" is a French term that means "chewed paper" or mashed up paper. Newspaper is the best kind of paper to use, as it breaks up and softens easily.

1. Start by choosing an old bowl to use as a mould and wrap it in cling film, especially the outside. Then tear up lots of newspaper pages into strips.

2. Turn the bowl upside down and, using wallpaper or PVA glue, stick the strips onto the bowl, layer after layer. At least 5 layers are needed to make it strong.

3. Leave it to dry overnight, then lift out the original bowl and dry the papier maché bowl further. Trim the edges with scissors if they are untidy.

4. Paint the bowl on both sides in poster colours of your choice.  

See the PDF above too with pictures - just to the right of "Papier mache" title. You can download and print it out.


  • Why am I doing this?

    Pretend games help your child to develop their language skills and practise things they have seen and heard. Games and activities that build concentration and thinking skills are great for your child. They build skills such as being able to see patterns, being able to group things together and using numbers. Being able to join in games and working with you or other people on a project, is a life skill used every day and a way many people learn.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to tell you about games they play – with other children, at school or on the computer. Get them to explain the rules of the game to you. Imaginative play is important too so encourage your child in any creative play they are engaged in.  

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