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St Brigid´s cross


St Brigid´s cross

What to do with this activity?

Making a Saint Brigid´s day cross out of reeds is an ancient tradition in Ireland. Saint Brigid´s Day is on 1 February. Traditionally a St Brigid's cross was hung over the front door to protect a home from danger.

If you can't find the reeds (that grow by rivers), try making a cross with drinking straws and small rubber bands for the corners.

Find some simple instructions on how to make a cross on the Irish Peatland Conservation Council website here. Or you could check out this video on Youtube.

Saint Brigid was an important woman in early Ireland.  If you would like to read more about Saint Brigid look here on the AskaboutIreland website.

By the way, sometimes the saint's name is spelled as "Brigid" and sometimes as "Bridget".



  • Why am I doing this?

    Pretend games help your child to develop their language skills and practise things they have seen and heard. Games and activities that build concentration and thinking skills are great for your child. They build skills such as being able to see patterns, being able to group things together and using numbers. Being able to join in games and working with you or other people on a project, is a life skill used every day and a way many people learn.

  • How can I do more?

    Encourage your child to tell you about games they play – with other children, at school or on the computer. Get them to explain the rules of the game to you. Imaginative play is important too so encourage your child in any creative play they are engaged in.  

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