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Storm names


Storm names

What to do with this activity?

Every year the Irish weather service Met Eireann and the United Kingdom's Met Office get together and decide on a list of names for future storms. After all, these islands share weather patterns the majority of the time. Since 2019, they have also joined with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, the Dutch weather body. So all three countries will use the same names for the storms this season.

The names given are human and alternate between male and female names. The list runs throughout an entire storm season, which starts on 1st September each year. They start with the letter A and choose names for each letter of the alphabet except for Q, U, X, Y and Z. 

Check out the names chosen for our storms starting September 2020 here. Do you know anyone on the list!?

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    Reading is like a muscle – the more your child practises it the stronger their ability to read becomes. Reading with your child, encouraging them and giving them space to read makes reading part of their everyday lives.

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    Talk to your child about which books they liked and what they think would be good to read next. Look out for other activities for your child’s age group in your local library.
    Use magazines and newspapers for ideas, words and facts. Use the pictures as well as the words. Show your child different types of books - storybooks but also poetry and factual books for children, for example on nature, animals or insects. Encourage your child’s interest in reading about topics they enjoy, for example animals, music and football. Enjoying reading is the most important thing. 

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