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The fascinating mobius strip


The fascinating mobius strip

What to do with this activity?

The Mobius strip looks simple, but is also weird and amazing. A Möbius strip, like the one in the picture above, has only one side, so an ant crawling along it would walk along both the bottom and the top in a single stretch.

You can make a simple Mobius strip by taking a strip of paper, giving it a half twist, then joining the ends together. Learn how from this video from The Kids Should See This and try the amazing experiments suggested on the video. 

If your child would like to find out more check out this link from Wonderopolis. 

  • Why am I doing this?

    Everyday activities, like shopping and taking journeys provide a great opportunity for your child to practise maths skills by recognising patterns, counting out amounts, working out the best value, weighing and understanding money or understanding timetables and estimating your time of arrival!

  • How can I do more?

    Estimating is a very useful maths skill for everyday life – helping you decide if you have enough money to pay for a number of items or enough paint to paint a room. Encourage your child to estimate, for example, how many potatoes you will need for dinner or how much money to buy the shopping.

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