10 – 12

Building it into your day

At this age your child is likely to know what they like and will want to follow up on their interests. Interacting with your child throughout the day and giving them opportunities to practise what they’re learning through real life situations can make a big difference. You can help them to find books, look up information, write about things they like and do activities that reflect what they are interested in through every day activities.


Involve your child in shopping by helping you write up a shopping list and finding items in the shop. For example you could ask your child to help you get the best value – is buying three tins of beans better value than buying one?

Watching TV

Together check a TV guide to see what you both want to watch during the week – decide who will watch what and when – this will help your child be to be active in their viewing choices and allow you to discuss how much time you spend watching TV. Watching television together provides lots of opportunities for chat and to discuss what you are watching so make the most of it.

At mealtimes

Encourage your child to tell you something that happened during the day – maybe it’s something they learnt at school, a story they heard from a friend or a programme they saw on TV.

Taking journeys

Before going on a journey, give your child a map and read it together. Encourage them to read it, naming towns along the way and giving directions.